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Green Tailored Solutions

Partnering with our Customers for a Green Initiative

Are you Green or are you Customer Oriented? Being both seems to be a challenge. We have noticed that many HVAC and Energy Services Companies have jumped on the Green band wagon and shifted their focus to promoting and selling added devices or systems and not addressing the most economical solutions for reducing energy costs for their customer.

Those economical solutions are repairing existing systems and operating them as they were designed to perform. The primary initial focus should be on getting the existing equipment to perform at its best. This alone may considerably decrease energy consumption. The fear harbored in most contractors is that this will decrease a calculated “Return on Investment” (ROI) when proposing a planned conservation strategy that does not include repairs.  Recommending repairs and service to the existing equipment and following through may be all that is needed to get a customer’s anticipated results. Evaluating a Green Resolution and its ROI after this would then be fair to the customer.

Implementing this “fair” strategy may still be a challenge to the contractor if working with a customer that has a service company that is not capable of understanding and reaching the service level necessary to make the equipment perform as designed. This is where diplomacy enters the room and a sensitive approach is used to gain the desired results which may be introducing a contractor that can help accomplish this task. Once the results are realized, only then can you fairly analyze the benefit of a proposed Green Resolution.

Selling additional savings by offering Green Initiatives such as an Energy Management and Monitoring System after a site’s bottom line has been improved, may not be as difficult as one may think when pointing out the benefits already realized with regard to the new performance of a site’s equipment. Partnering with the customer with a sincere interest in working together and within budget constraints, can go a long way to meet each other’s goals.  When both parties are working together it becomes a win-win situation.

There are many ways to interpret what can be accomplished with this approach.  What can be accomplished is limited only by the contractor’s and customer’s imagination when considering the myriad of equipment and systems presenting Green Initiatives. Choosing the correct one will be governed by goals, objectives and budgets. In any and all cases it is beneficial when a direction is chosen.  Either long term or short term.