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About the Owner

Nick Sindicich, President of American HVAC, Inc. has held a Class “A” State Contractors License since 1976. It is the 14,188th license issued since contractors have been licensed by the State of Florida. Licenses issued today are numbered in the millions. Along with this tenure he has gained a comprehensive background in commercial air conditioning while working as a service technician for Carrier Corporation, and York International for over ten years. He was a member of the Florida National Guard for eight years and held the position of Senior Refrigeration Specialist. He has operated two A/C businesses concurrently under his license during a four-year period with state permission after appearing before the FCILB in Tallahassee. The second company was dissolved due to the death of a partner and the remaining company was sold to what is now an ARS company and was managed by him for three years as their commercial service department.

Two more companies were then started after managing the above-mentioned commercial service department. One company was started in Florida (Advanced Dynamic Systems) and the other company in the Bahamas (Commonwealth Utilities). These companies both focused on energy management and energy conservation. After two years and due to market conditions these companies ceased operation.

Nick then concentrated his efforts on teaching. Being a member of the Air Conditioning Contractors Association (ACCA) he found an opportunity teaching Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration in their apprenticeship program after acquiring a Broward County Teachers Certificate for adult education. He also accepted the challenge of becoming a proctor for Ferris State University and taught the EPA’s refrigerant handling certification program. He was responsible for teaching over 1,600 students during a 10 year period. Concurrently, while teaching in the apprenticeship program for three years, he acted as an Industrial Cooperative Education coordinator (ICE) for Broward County and while holding this position addressed the needs of students and contractors enrolled in the apprenticeship program. Leaving the coordinator position and continuing to teach he accepted a position with Thermal Concepts as a Project Manager.

At Thermal Concepts his responsibilities included managing systems installations on projects such as schools and office buildings. Other responsibilities related to these projects were video taped training on installed mechanical systems for Broward County Schools that are archived for future reference.

His teaching venue changed to instructing students at Atlantic Vocational Technical Center. There he taught the same curriculum as he did in the ACCA program. While there and after leaving Thermal Concepts he acquired a position as Operations Manager for McQuay International now known as Daikin international.

McQuay International was a worldwide commercial Industrial air conditioning equipment manufacturer that specialized in equipment from 80 tons to over 2,000 tons of cooling. Operations served by this equipment are chilled water comfort cooling, industrial process cooling and ice building. Nick’s responsibilities were technician support, project implementation, equipment and repair sales along with customer care. Territories he was responsible for were South Florida and the Caribbean.

Nick continued teaching commercial air conditioning and refrigeration through his five year career at McQuay International but now teaching apprentices at the Associated Builders and Contractors Institute (ABCI). Initially he was responsible for utilizing his background in teaching and commercial air conditioning to oversee the development of core principles for this newly initiated air conditioning program for ABCI.

Nick then left McQuay International and started American HVAC Inc. The premise and philosophy for this company is what has always been in his character. That is to provide an economical choice with honest professional service for a customer. His desire is to provide satisfactory service in all instances. This has been evident in the customer loyalty his company has received.

The philosophy this company has exceeds all expectations. His customer base has realized savings that more than pay for the expense of a competitive maintenance program offered by American HVAC. There is no company better than American HVAC that could offer your company a more diverse opportunity when it comes to acquiring, implementing or repairing new or existing equipment or control systems. When choosing your new contractor the value to be considered would be hard to match when comparing your alternate choices.